Electric Pumps in RV & Boating Communities

If you’re into the boating or RV lifestyle and you’re not familiar with electronic Flojet pumps, then you’re missing out. It’s no secret that boats and recreational vehicles can require a lot of upkeep. When considering these large vehicles, simple things like water can become big issues to keep in mind. Between the water supply, waste management, plumbing, and washing, there are plenty of aspects to maintaining the integrity of both boats and RVs that need to be considered.

RV and boating owners can save a great deal of money by using electric pumps within their communities in order to facilitate their water usage needs. So how can an electric pump benefit many people in the RV and boating circles?

Flojet pump

Water Supply to Sink and Shower

Recreational vehicles need to carry a reserved amount of water in order for their facilities to be completely functional. After all, how else would you cook a meal, flush the toilet, or take a shower in your RV? Without a decent water supply, something as simple as washing your hands wouldn’t be possible. An electric pump can help to effectively distribute the water and help to reserve your supply without compromising comfort levels. And who wants to compromise comfort levels?

Electric Pumps in Waste Management

A quality electric pump like those that come from top-tier companies such as Flojet are able to go the distance needed and perform at high levels. With large, clog-free check valves, a Flojet electric pump ensures that the entire system runs nice and smooth. With the ability to pass along solids up to 3.2mm, it is less likely to clog.

Shower Drain

As we all know, things can build up in the bathroom. What if you were to drop something down the drain? With an electric pump, you have a great chance of retaining the functionality and integrity of your water pump since it can move solids. This means that you do not need to worry about breaking anything if something does happen to make it down the shower drain. Especially if it’s something important, like a wedding ring, that needs to be retrieved.

Flojet pump

Boat or RV Washing

It certainly isn’t ideal to have to use your own water supply to wash off your RV or boat. However, there are scenarios where this does happen. When it does, it is nice to know that you have a pump that can supply you with the right amount of water with the exact amount of pressure that’s needed.

Other Benefits of Electric Pumps

Additional benefits include the fact that electric powered items are intelligent units that don’t use any energy at all when they are not in use. With innovative design and construction quality, the longevity associated with Flojet’s electric pumps is quite impressive. Many of their models feature DuPont’s highly revered Viton, Kalrez, and Santoprene elastomers.

The latest electric pumps can withstand interaction with some of the most aggressive chemicals out there. With an enhanced resistance to corrosion, yu will get a better service life out of the unit. This means that the quality of the pump has also been expanded upon significantly.  Kalrez alone is known for being able to stand up against just about 1800 different chemicals and compounds. By adding a new proprietary shuttle valve, Flojet has been able to give to rid the electric pump of an issue that has plagued the industry for a long time: the ever dreaded stall during operation. By eliminating this issue, the electric pumps now save on wear and tear. This will save you money in the long run as there will be very little need for servicing the equipment!

In addition to all of these fantastic attributes, many top pumps such as those from Flojet are also self-priming. They are very compact and install easily into your system and pump room. This means they’re extremely easy to take out, clean, and maintain. This then contributes to the extensive life span of these products, and makes your maintenance program easier!

Other Applications

Car washes can also greatly benefit from the use of electronic car wash pumps, if for no other reason that those stated above. Car washes take in a great amount of chemicals, coming from both the dirt that a customer brings in on their vehicle, to the cleaning agents that the car washes use to clean.

There are plenty of benefits that the RV and boating community can get out of using electronic water pumps. They are incredibly convenient, easy to pack and store in your RV or boat. Easy to use and offering money savings, they offer performance with reduced frustration. Electronic pumps are the way of the future in the RV and boating circles – are you interested in it?