Flojet Pumps – Most Popular Types and Series

Learn about Flojet

Flojet is a branch of the Xylem company, a well-respected name in water solutions and water technology. Flojet pumps are a popular choice for industrial applications like car wash systems and spraying, as well as for more residential use like RVs and boating. There are some simple but important ways that Flojet pumps are categorized. Knowing how these pumps are separated, and why, makes it much easier for you to select the pump that you need for your situation.

flojet g57 series pump
Flojet G57 Air-Operated Pump

Basic Types of Flojet Pumps

Flojet pumps are broken down into two major types: air operated diaphragm pumps and electric diaphragm pumps. While there are several pump details and variables that you eventually have to figure out, knowing the difference between the two basic pump types is where you should start.

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Car washes use Flojet air pumps for low-pressure services like tire cleaners, presoaks, foam, and soaps. Air pumps are also used in other industrial environments where potentially harmful chemicals are used.  They are an economical replacement for electric pumps when you can’t run electrical wires because it’s either impossible or unsafe to do so. AOD pumps feature compact, simple designs that use compressed air as a power source, so they are less susceptible to combustion and can operate when submerged. Flojet air diaphragm pumps can run dry and are self-priming.

Electric Motor Driven Pumps

Electric pumps are most frequently used for heavy-duty water transfer, spraying, and dispensing. These quietly operating pumps are available in a variety of voltages to suit your particular needs. Voltages offered include 12V, 24V, 36V, 115V, and 230V. Electric diaphragm pumps produce no emissions, so they are better for the environment and safer to use in confined spaces. Small electric motors within the pump housing make them compact and easy to fit into spaces. Electric diaphragm pumps are capable of running dry and are self-priming.

flojet duplex ii series pump
Flojet Duplex II Electric Pump

G57 Air Pumps

Flojets most popular air-operated diaphragm pump is the G57. Innovative compact design features a patented shuttle valve that eliminates stalling and provides a long life. These pumps boast a polypropylene body and high-quality elastomers that offer incredible chemical resistance. Quick-disconnect liquid and gas port fittings for easy installation.

G70 and G71 Air Pumps

These ATEX Certified air pumps feature a robust design with similar chemical resistance and anti-stalling characteristics to the G57 pump. Difference lies in the capability of the G70/G71 to move thicker, viscous liquids and pass solids as large as 1/8” in diameter because of large clog-free check valves.

Flojet G70 Series Pump
Flojet G70 Air-Operated Pump

N5100 Air Pumps

N5100 Series air pumps can be located above the supply tank. Use a suction-side foot valve for best operation. Supply air pressure regulates the liquid pressure. No bypass or pressure relief plumbing is necessary. Choice of EP/PP blend, Buna, or FKM elastomers provides a wide range of chemical compatibility.

Duplex II

Duplex II electric pumps feature the best of Flojet technology including things like a back-flow preventer, check valves, bearings, and motor diaphragm assembly designed for unbeatable lifespan and reliability. Thid highly-efficient series of pumps are available in various performance ranges, voltages, and elastomer materials.

Quad Series

Quad Series pumps are capable of cycling a variety of chemicals. Four-chamber design delivers higher flow rates.

Flojet Versijet Series Pump
Flojet Versijet Electric Pump

Triplex Hi-Flow

Three -chamber design renders Triplex Hi-Flo pumps ideal for many different kinds of applications. Multiple amp draw options and elastomer check valve selections add to the versatility of these pumps.

Triplex Hi- Pressure

These high-pressure electric pumps features pressure switches with 100 PSI or 150 PSI ratings. Triplex Hi-Pressure are ideal for applications such as spraying, misting, filtration, cooling, dispensing and pressure boosting. Great for car washes and farming.

Flojet LF Series Pump
Flojet LF Plus Electric Pump

Triplex Compact

Designed specifically for spraying, silage treatment, dispensing, and cooling in the agriculture industry. Smart, economical three chamber design complete with a sealed pressure switch and motor. Ideal pump for areas with space restrictions.

LF and LF Plus

The LF Series electric pumps are useful for a variety of things like spraying, cooling, transfer, filtration, dispensing, and pressure boosting. LF pumps have a sealed pressure switch that automatically starts and stops pump when discharge valve opens and closes. They have a built-in thermal protector and a low amp draw that makes them ideal for battery-powered applications.


Versijet electric pumps boast a robust five-chamber design that makes them ideal for heavy -duty applications that require a higher flow rate. Flojet’s patented co-injected molded diaphragm and larger motor brushes significantly extend pump life up to 50% longer than existing Flojet Quad series diaphragm pumps.

Read more about space-saving pumps HERE. Flojet G57 pumps are incredibly popular choices for car wash owners – read more about them HERE. Don’t forget that Kleen-Rite also carries OEM Flojet replacement parts!

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