Wash Off the Salt and Grime

It can be tempting to just let the spring rains cleanse the salt and winter road grime off your car, but the rain doesn’t come with a pressure washer pump, so chances are it might just miss a spot, or several.

The truth is that we’ve all been taught how destructive rock salt and other chemicals used to fight the winter snow and ice can be to our cars, but the spring rains seem to slide in right about the time your car is looking its worst. The rain rinses away the visible grime, and the thought that the car needs to see the inside of a car wash blows away like pollen in the wind.

The problem with this scenario is that the rain doesn’t usually have the force behind it to get into the nooks and crannies of your car — the places where a little salt can lodge and start the oxidation process. You know: start causing your car to rust.

Since the rain is lacking a pressure washer pump, the cleaning power of the water might not be reaching the underside of your vehicle, the back of the bumper and inside the wheel wells where winter’s fury — and our battle against it — have collected on your car.

The simple thing to do is forget about the need to take a pressure washer to your car and clear away the winter grime, but the right thing to do is something else entirely. Do the right thing and take your car to a car wash.


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