Winterizing Your Car

As the warm and sunny season leaves us behind we must prepare ourselves for colder temperatures. Taking preventative measures and winterizing your car is the best defense against cold-weather conditions. One must be sure to protect their home as well as their family during the chilly season. With that said, there is more to winter preparation than buying rain boots and plenty of blankets.  Remember, getting your vehicle ready for winter driving in an extremely important step during your winter preparations.

Tips to winterize your car:

  • Change your oil to one with a lighter weight for sub-zero temperatures.
  • Give your vehicle a good waxing.
  • Have your auto technician check belts and hoses.
  • Apply a repellant to the windshield and windows to keep them free of slush, slat and all-around much.
  • Check to see if your spark plugs and battery need replacing.
  • Keep track of the wear on your tires.

Winter climates can be hazardous, so making the right preparations in advance can eliminate a lot of problems during the winter season. Check out the infographic for more tips on winterizing your vehicle.

Winterizing Your Car

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