ShurFlo Pumps; Reliable and Dependable

Founded in 1968, ShurFlo pumps have been nothing but innovative, responsive and above all lucrative. Designed at its upmost potential, ShurFlo pumps worked efficiently every time they are used. They stand against the most demanding industrial applications and has carried itself all throughout the United States especially with car wash companies such as Kleen-Rite. With a complete versatile line, ShurFlo pumps are regularly stocked with pumps that are ideal for presoak chemicals, tire/wheel cleaners and any other low pressure liquid applications. Kleen-Rite also carries more of the powerful pumps that generate electric for moderate to high-pressure applications.

ShurFlo has always had full service sales with unbeatable prices and loyal customer service. They really stand by their customers and provide opportunities to help identify the problems they face and offer one on one solutions to exemplify their needs. According to ShurFlo’s website, ShurFlo has built a reputation by filling the requirements of the markets that it serves. They have developed a line of pumps that not only exceeded the expectation but has become a dependable fresh water pump that delivers water from the tanks into faucets, toilets and so much more.

With our world changing we have to make sure we are always covering our bases and with ShurFlo Pumps that is exactly what they are doing. New innovative ways of protecting water and recycling it is just one of the reasons why ShurFlo stands out above the rest.

By Chelsea Dimmig

Kleen-Rite Staff Writer


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