Regular Oil Change Schedule Increases Pump Lifespan

Pump Oil

Establishing a regular pump oil change routine for your pressure washers is a very important part of preventative maintenance! This simple step can help maintain the effectiveness and longevity of your pump.

Oil Change Guidelines

Experts advise doing an initial oil change after the first 50 hours of pump use. After that, change the crankcase oil every 3 months or after every 500 hours of operation, whichever comes first. High pressure plunger pumps require a specially formulated oil; otherwise regular pump oil is appropriate.

The bsic procedure can be broken down into four steps:

Changing pump oil

1. Allow the machine to run for a few minutes. Warm oil traps dirt better than cold oil. It also flows better!
2. Because the crankcase may be hot, be careful when removing the drain plug and handling the oil.
3. Drain the oil from the bottom of the unit using the drain plug, or speed up the process with a suction gun or suction pump.
4. Catch the used oil in a container so that it may be properly cleaned and recycled.
5. Secure the drain plug.
6. Fill the pump with new oil and replace the oil fill cap.

Please remember that these steps are guidelines. If your pump manual specifies additional or different steps, be sure to follow them so you do not void your warranty.

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