Dirt Stripper Car and Truck Wash Operator Spotlight

“In school they give you the lesson and then you take the test. In life, you get the test and then the lesson.”

This saying is one that has clearly stuck with Garett Bruinsma. He mentions it while discussing the Dirt Stripper Car Wash, his long-held business which caters to cars and trucks in Norco, CA.

Given his familiarity with car washes dating back to his youth, he’s keenly aware of what it takes to create an inviting, efficient atmosphere which encourages folks to go from first-time visitors to repeat customers. Having a strong support staff certainly helps, one which works in unison and ably handles issues and needs as they arise. Yet ultimately, lasting success always comes back to the lessons learned over time- both from triumphs and mistakes. It’s these lessons that have helped Dirt Strippers to constantly improve.

The Activity Never Ends

Thriving, bustling, buzzing- any of these terms can be used to describe the non-stop activity that is Dirt Stripper Car & Truck Wash. The site is open 24-hours, 7-days a week. Self-serve bays using the latest industry equipment are available for vehicles of all sizes, be it a compact car, a work truck, or a tractor trailer. The size and diversity of the site means the talented, devoted staff at Dirt Stripper get plenty of exercise while they’re working through a shift.

“16-18 miles a day. Sometimes 45,000 steps.” Garett states while discussing the usual busyness of a given workday and how much an employee may happen to move during it. “This place, you’re going. It’s a big property. We sell propane. They’re going to propane, they’re helping customers, we’re making change… they’re not standing around too much.”

It’s all part of getting ahead in business, yet another lesson Garett was fortunate enough to pick up over time. “Business is… you get what you put into it. Are you willing to put in the work?”

Being a Part of the Community

There’s always something to be done around the site- a customer to assist, equipment to be adjusted, a small problem to be solved. And as staffers tackle one task after another, they learn a few lessons of their own.

When possible, Garett enjoys sharing these lessons with those who may not have any prior work experience. The opportunity to give teenagers and young adults their first taste of professional life, perhaps boosting them into their preferred career, helps to instill in this car wash a lasting, community-oriented atmosphere. “If they’re good, they can leap out of this as a great first job.”

In general, the Dirt Stripper name makes its way into various parts of the community. The brand has been associated with local sports teams, church events, rodeos, and golf tournaments. If there’s a chance to engage with locals, you’re likely to find this car wash taking the time to do so.

A Welcoming Place to Spend Time

There’s no downplaying the importance of atmosphere for a car wash. As Garett explains, cultivating a welcoming environment where folks want to spend time is one of the most unerring lessons in the business. “Price is not what you’re selling; you’re selling value… We’re selling an experience. People like being here, they feel good being here.”

Whether it’s a casual conversation with one of the Dirt Stripper employees or a lengthy stay in one of the self-serve bays caring for their vehicle, locals do seem to linger around the site, soaking in the accommodating, neighborly vibes. The result is a cohesive relationship. The Dirt Stripper Car Wash does what it can to provide an inclusive, enjoyable experience and over time, locals respond to and appreciate this effort, leading to the steady flow of vehicles which pass through the lot each day.

Dirt Stripper Car Wash: Where to Go from Here?

While there aren’t any further expansion plans currently on the docket for the Norco Car and Truck Wash, they’ll always continue expanding the quality of their wash experience, whether that means new equipment, more effective soaps, or something else. Why devote such effort to offering the best experience possible? It just happens to be another one of those lessons learned over the years.

Here at Kleen-Rite, we have a hunch Dirt Stripper Car and Truck Wash will continue serving as a reliable, enjoyable hub for car owners throughout the Norco, CA, area!

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