The Inner Workings of the General Pump TS1511

High-pressure washing needs are huge at a professional car wash, and if you own or run one of those institutions, you know you need the best quality pump(s) to meet those needs. One example of a fantastic pump to consider is the General pump TS 1511 model. This pump is one of the pumps of choice for the high pressure washing industry, and won’t let your car wash down.

The General pump TS 1511 is a plunger pump, meaning it pumps water by means of a plunger moving through a seal, rather than a piston with a moving seal, and it has a maximum pump volume of 4 gallons per minute, which reflects a max PSI of 3500 and max pump speed of 1450 RPM. That’s a lot of power in a small space — the General TS 1511 is just over a foot long, 9 inches wide, and 7 inches high. To ensure it can handle this power, the TS 1511 is built with a pump manifold of forged brass, extra-large connecting rods, and stainless steel valves.

Taking care of this pump is not difficult, but it does require following a few important steps. First, make sure you use the correct oil when you fill the crankcase: non-detergent SAE 30W oil. The first time you use the pump, change the oil after about 40 hours; thereafter, you’ll only need to change it every 500 hours or 3 months. Also, make sure you monitor the temperature of the liquid going through the pump. It’s rated up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and anything higher than that could damage the pump.

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