Understanding Flojet Pumps

Are you replacing the water pumps at your car wash due to corrosion or ongoing service problems? Flojet pumps are excellent for tough applications using harsh chemicals. Successful car washes, farms, and manufacturing environments use Flojet pumps… but why?

Flojet Air Operated Diaphragm G Series Pump
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Why Should You Choose a Flojet Pump?

  • Flojet pump parts are made from high-performance materials from like Geolast, Kalrez, Santoprene, and Viton. Those materials are highly resistant to corrosion, even when subjected to the most severe chemicals.
  • Flojet diaphragm pumps have patented shuttle valves made from a ceramic material, which eliminates stalling and binding. This saves you both time and money because of reduced maintenance and repair time. It also minimizes potential lost revenue due to the unit being out-of-operation. The large check valves easily accommodate solids up to 1 1/8″, which helps to ensure continuously smooth and trouble-free operation.
  • Flojet pumps are both reliable and easily affordable. They operate on an “on-demand” basis, which means that they are not consuming energy when not in use. This results in an extended operational life and reduces operating energy costs.
  • Flojet pumps are compact, do not stall, and are self-priming. Their performance is comparable to much larger and more expensive water pumps. Their compact size and performance make them ideally suited for uses beyond car washes. Recreational vehicles and boats use Flojet electric pumps for water supply, wastewater removal, and general cleaning.
  • Installation, maintenance, and servicing are easy with quick disconnect ports. On the rare occasion that a pump does have a problem, Kleen-Rite has a full inventory of reliable, genuine Flojet pump parts available.
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