A Place to Show Off Your Business top washes is now up and running! We know how much pride you take in your business, and how much work it is to keep your car wash facility looking its best. So, for the love of the industry, share your pics! We want to see your best, from full landscape shots to pics specific to signage, bays, equipment and décor that make your establishment unique. This site is FREE, and it’s an easy way to show off the fruits of your labor to other car wash owners and business afficionados. It’s also an excellent way to interact with other owners outside of car wash shows and conventions. is easy!

This site is super easy to use and navigate. Simply create a profile with your car wash name, location, short description of what you offer, and contact info. Upload your pics by category and people will be able to see your establishment at its best! The categories make browsing easier and are helpful if you’re looking for some inspiration for remodeling, marketing, or purchasing new equipment.

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While you’re there, show some love to others in the car wash community. Each image on the site has a “thumbs up” option. Pictures that get the most “thumbs up” clicks will be featured on the “Top Photos” page. Encourage people you know to get your car wash in a top spot!

You’ll also notice that has a “Search by Location” feature. Visitors can see what’s happening with your facility and at other local car washes. This function is great for potential car wash customers who can use it to find the best washes in their area. The better your visual presentation, the more likely you are to draw in those customers!

Start showing off your car wash! Visit and create your profile today!

This article originally appeared in Kleen-Scene Issue 41.