NEW PRODUCT: Inkfish Inspired® 6″ Round Foam Brush

Innovation isn’t always about creating completely new products with an earth-shattering radical concept. Sometimes the best new products are
the ones that simply add some ingenious tweaks to an existing product. The new Inkfish Inspired 6″ Round Foam Brush was born from an idea to update a standard round foam brush so it has a refillable cartridge, thus allowing operators to only replace the cartridge when bristles get worn, instead of buying an entirely new brush.

This is advantageous for a few reasons:

  • You save money by only replacing the cartridge and continuing to use the existing brush head.
  • You can replace the cartridge without even removing the brush head from the handle. Saves time and energy.
  • If something becomes lodged in the brush, removing the cartridge allows for easy cleaning of the interior.

Introducing the New Inkfish 6” Round Foam Brush with Replaceable Cartridge

This new Inkfish brush uses a simple modular *design with a durable 6” heavy-duty plastic head, a screw-in bristle cartridge, and a recessed hex
screw. The hex screw is used to lightly contact the top of the cartridge, which restricts movement that could cause the cartridge to loosen. This is the first replaceable cartridge round foam brush to hit market!

Full Specifications:

  • 4” bristles
  • 6” diameter head
  • Natural hog hair bristles
  • Round shape
  • Hard rubber bumper gasket
  • Brass NPT thread
  • Recessed hex screw for easy cartridge removal

Products Available:

Easily Swap Out the Head

Inkfish foam brush cartridge swap step 1

Step 1: Using an Allen wrench, give about two left twists to the hex screw. You only need to loosen it enough so the screw is no longer touching the cartridge.

Inkfish foam brush cartridge swap step 2

Step 2: Grab a large chunk of bristles firmly in one hand. Be careful to grab the bristles in a way that you’re not bending them but still have a good grip. Grasp the handle or base of the brush head with your other hand.

Inkfish foam brush cartridge swap step 3

Step 3: Firmly twist the cartridge to the left until you feel it loosen from the threads. Continue twisting while also pulling the cartridge away from
the head.

Inkfish foam brush cartridge swap step 4

Step 4: Take your new or cleaned cartridge and grip the bristles the same way you did in step 2. Again, grab the handle or brush base with your other hand.

Inkfish foam brush cartridge swap step 5

Step 5: Spin the brush to the right until you feel the cartridge catch the threads. Keep twisting until the cartridge is firmly in place. It helps to
also push the cartridge while twisting. If properly inserted, the cartridge should stay in place without having to hold it anymore.

Inkfish foam brush cartridge swap step 6

Step 6: Use the same Allen wrench to gently tighten the hex crew until you feel resistance. Do not overtighten, as this may push out or cause damage to the cartridge.

*Patent pending

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