The Sexy, Soapy Side of Car Wash

Okay so maybe calling a car wash experience “sexy” is a stretch, but there are customers who expect a few things from a soaping session. So what’s desirable in a soap? For starters, a nice fragrance, color, lots of suds, and a good soaping action. If you’ve got all these, then you probably know all about reliable soaps and Universal Foamy brushes.

Car wash soap  High or Low pH Car Wash Soap

A 2 step process of using a high pH and a low pH soap really can boost the cleaning properties of your car wash. The first step dwells on the  car and loosens up road dirt and grime, the second step will neutralize tthe first and finish working off any left over dirt on the vehicle’s surface.

  Foam Is What You Need

When it comes to cleaning cars, foam is your friend. Triple-acting foam breaks up dirt, removes grease and grime, all in just a few seconds. Make the wash job easier with the triple-acting foam. Foamy soaps lubricate and protect while the wash pads and brushes do their work. Universal Foamy brushes help you get the most out of your car wash soap.

  Quality Products Make a Difference

Okay, all soaps are not alike, but the cheap prices might grab your attention. Don’t shop solely by price; read the ingredients and pay attention to the product details. For a consistent experience, stick with a brand which you trust that is willing to work with you.

  What Does It All Mean?  Soapywash-2

Before you invest in soap for your car wash, spend some time reviewing product information. There’s no doubt car wash soap is an investment, but it can make or break your business. Don’t simply depend on tags and titles like “super shiny” or “heavy duty.” Read reviews and ask questions about new products.

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